Crime in Iowa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Iowa Crime

I live in a fairly comfortable town house complex. The units are rentable and there are a fair number of people moving in and out. Some neighbors you get to know and some live like they are part of the witness protection program.

I have one set of neighbors that I am convinced are New Jersey mafia on the run and laying low for awhile. The son, a white pasty looking teenager, sits around the pool fully clothed talking on his cell phone like a gang banger to his homies. He is really loud and we all have to listen to his attitude. The dad likes to wear plaid pants and white shoes. They drive a big old boat and the wife has real big hair. I know they ain't from here.

My other neighbors I have never seen. I've seen them pull into their garage but they put the door down as fast as they can. I've heard the husband(?) rattling around with his truck at 4:30 in the morning but he's not there very often that I can tell.

The other day my sister told me she read in the police blotter that one of my neighbors was arrested on outstanding warrants from another nearby county. I have been trying to figure out who it was. The place I live is not cheap and I kind of thought by living upscale I would feel safer. hmmm

Anyway I have a developing interest in missing persons, and true crime so I thought I would start a blog covering Iowa crime. The land of corn and soybeans can serve up some mighty curious lets begin....


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