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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Kind You Dont Take Home to Mother

I saw the following article this morning and tried to see what I could find out about Joseph Dewayne Titus. I found an obituary for Joseph Titus age 76 from Muscatine last July. Its possible that given his namesake and location that this was his grandfather. Two of his children live in Muscatine and could possibly be young Josephs parents. If young Joseph still lived with his folks, I can't imagine how they could NOT know about the explosives in the home. Since he is 17 and the school is his FORMER school, its possible he was kicked out of school or he simply dropped out. One source says that he has not been a student for at least three years.

It seems he was tracked down by his email address when a girl from Knoxville, Illinois tipped off the police that March 2nd was the day the threat would be carried out.

Let's hope they can charge him as an adult.

Des Moines Register Article

Muscatine, Ia. — A teenager was arrested Wednesday after police found explosives in his home that they believe were meant to blow up Muscatine High School.

Joseph Titus, 17, had allegedly mentioned his plans to destroy his former school during an Internet chat with a female, who reported him to police.

Officers searched his home Wednesday morning and found homemade explosives and other ignitable materials. They charged him with threats of terrorism and threat of arson, both class D felonies.

The female who reported Titus told police he planned to destroy the school Thursday.

Muscatine Police Chief Gary Coderoni would not reveal details of the threat. Police said several spiral notebooks filled with white supremacy graffiti and writings were seized, along with Titus’ computer.

THe news is reporting that Titus dropped out of Muscatine High School a year ago and has a lengthy criminal history. He lives with his parents.


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